Swansboro UMC Church-Wide Yard Sale

Yard Sale: April 25, 2015

Thank you!!! Congratulations to the many volunteers who donated their time and treasures to the 2015 yard sale. Your generosity raised $7000 to extend to local and global missions of the church. We also want to thank Bray Trailers, Tom Scholl and Golden Traits Jewelry for the contribution of trailers and professional services that helped make for a successful event.

2012 Yard Sale

Ten Thousand Thank You's to the hundreds of you who donated to, served at, drove- hauled- collected- loaded- picked up- unloaded- sorted- boxed- unboxed- displayed- cleaned- fixed- priced- sold- cashiered- counted- carried tables- setup- took down- carried chairs- greeted- coordinated- and helped for our 2012 Yard Sale. We cannot name you all—but you all know who you are and know that four stood out for their leadership and ceaseless hard work. An additional Thank You to the Outside Coordinators, John & Linda Gott and the Inside Fellowship Hall Coordinators, Dave & Linda Johnson. All proceeds help to fund local, regional, national, and international missions and missionaries as determined by our Mission & Outreach Committee. All unsold items were donated to the Hem of His Garment. Bless You All. We look forward to your support in 2014!

Thanks to Bray Trailers for donating storage trailers to us many months earlier than prior years. We had over 10,000 items for sale!

As in past years, we had power tools, indoor & outdoor furniture, electronics, TVs, appliances, toys, bikes, sports equipment, lawn & garden items, generators, housewares, dishes, glassware, lamps, jewelry, Christmas decorations, infant and toddler clothes, etc. Check out the photo album below to see most of it.

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All Proceeds help our Mission and Outreach Projects
Yard Sale funds support our missions - domestic and international - such as work teams to the gulf coast and other disaster areas, our Appalachia Service Project, and international missionary work in Haiti, Liberia, Bolivia, Jamaica, etc.

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2010 Yard Sale

A BIG, sincere THANK YOU to all the volunteers working Yard Sale 2010—before, during, and after! Each of you helped make this a success, which means we helped hundreds of folks and will be able to help many others through our national and international mission and outreach programs. This includes all the donors freely giving of their items. The presence of the Holy Spirit was clearly visible in all the smiles, laughs, hard work, cooperation, and generosity of time and materials—on Saturday and all the preparation days. Thanks again from your M&O/Yard Sale Team. Incidentally, the total income was $6385.07.

Here are some pictures of the fun and the work.  Click on thumbnail pictures below to see larger version.

Let's get started - 7:15 a.m.    7:25 a.m. - We're ready!        Early outside sales               Shoppers

Somebody needs this!        ASP kids working     Look at my new bike!