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Online Member Directory

This page accesses the old (November 2011) directory. Lifetouch's new mobile directory does not include cell phone numbers, does not allow members to update their own information, and is not designed for use from a website.

The new (2016) printed directory is available from the church office. There is one free copy for each family who had their portrait taken by the Lifetouch photographers in March/April 2016. New member families also receive a free copy of the printed directory. A limited number of additional copies are available for $10 - 1 per family.

Click to access our ONLINE church directory.

(You will need your family's username and password on the following screen.)

For some quick help on updating your family's information after you've logged in, click here.

Please note that use of this directory information for solicitation is strictly prohibited.

Access: Access to this online directory is restricted to staff, members, and regular attendees of SUMC. Each family has been assigned a username and password. If you have lost your username/password or never received it, please contact the church office or email your request to

Security: This directory is securely housed at Lifetouch, Inc. - the same company that handles many of our school systems and other churches.

Options: You may update your information as well as add new information about your family members.

  • Got a new or additional phone number or email address? Enter it in your profile.

  • Add your birthday (month and day only) and you may get lots of birthday greetings.

  • Add your special interests and hobbies and you may find a new friend with similar interests.

  • Interested in teaching, choir, mission trips, scripture reading, ushering, or any of the other many organization activities at SUMC? There’s a place for that.

  • Do you have a summer home and a winter home? There’s room for a 2nd address.

  • Did you miss having your portrait taken or just want a new one? Click on “Update my Portrait” and when we have 15 or more requested, we’ll get Lifetouch to come back and take one for you.

The more information everyone provides, the easier it will be for you to find the person with the interests and knowledge you need! For example, you can use the search feature to find all members who live in Hubert or members who like to play golf.

Help: There is a link to user help at the bottom of each directory page once you’ve logged in. If you have questions after reviewing it or other problems with the online directory, please contact our SUMC online administrator at or 910.326.4822.

More specific help: Here's a file with simple directions on how to update your family's information in the online directory. If you save it to your computer, then you can have it open for viewing while you go through the steps in the directory.