Administrative Documents


Building Use Policy
Room Use Agreement

Fundraising Policy and Procedures
(includes form)

Guidelines for Worship Spaces,
including Sanctuary and Assembly Hall

Transportation/Bus Policy

PhoneTree Information

Media publications: If you do not want your picture to appear in published media or on our website, please ensure the photographer and/or coordinator of related event(s) is aware of your wishes and can identify you so applicable pictures will not be submitted for publication.

 Guidelines to Publications for our church bulletin, SUMC Scoop and website.

Safe Sanctuary and Volunteer Application and Background Check Consent (last updated 24 October 2017)

Purchase Requisition/Check Request Form

Wedding Policy

Wedding Policy Booklet  *  Wedding Information Form  *  Wedding Fees and Contract

(The Wedding Policy Booklet is formatted for printing and assembling into an 8-page booklet.)

Funeral Procedures

Funeral Procedures Booklet

(The Funeral Procedure booklet is formatted for printing and assembling into a 13-page booklet.)

Church Committees

Church Council and Church Committees roster
(This is the same document that is on the Church Council page. Last updated 1 December 2017 - for 2018.)

Worksheet for setting goals (For Committee/Team leaders)

New Mission/Ministry Development Worksheet

Worksheet (This is the same form that's on the Church Council page.)

Swansboro UMC Logo Horizontal logo     Stacked logo></p>
<p align=

The Communications Team created this logo to visually identify our church. The logo is available as a horizontal image and a stacked image and in multiple file formats. It may be used on documents, signs, and any product connected with SUMC.

Please read the guidelines (updated 5 March 2018) prior to using any of the image files.

SUMC Logo files

If you'd prefer to download all images at once, this zip file includes the guidelines and all of the image files:

Chrismon pamphlet
- Description of Chrismons on SUMC tree

If you cannot open a document, you may not have a PDF reader on your computer. There are many free applications that will open PDF documents offered on the internet. Mac OS and Windows 8+ include a pdf reader with the operating system and MS Word 2013 or later will open them. If you are unable to find a solution, contact us at and we will try to help.