SUMC Child Care & Preschool Center

Swansboro's first preschool was started in 1980 at Swansboro United Methodist Church.
Click here to read the September 2009 Tideland News article about the 25th anniversary of the current school.

Our Child Care Center concentrates of various letters, numbers, Bible stories, etc. each month. Here's what's coming up.

Topic: Up in the sky
  From the ground up.
  To the moon and beyond. 
  Dental Month
  Groundhog Day
  Valentine's Day
  President's Day
  Love your pet day
Bible Verses:
  Luke 2:52
  Psalm 119:11
Color: Pink
Shape: Heart
Numbers: 10 & 11
Letters: V, J, & Z
Bible Songs:
  David played a harp
  Jonathan was David's Friend.         
  Do you see a shepherd?
Bible Activity:
  Stamp art with animals
  Valentine using a Bible Verse


Topic: Trucks and Big Machines
  Have pieces and parts.
  That help us have fun.
  Do specific jobs.
  People powered trucks and big
  Dr. Seuss Day
  St. Patrick's Day
Bible Verses:
  Genesis 8:11
  Matthew 19:14
Color: Yellow
Shape: Triangle
Numbers: 12 & 13
Letters: X, O, & Y
Bible Songs:
  Rainbow song
  See the rainbow
  When Noah built the ark
  The animals on the ark
Bible Activity:
  Paint a picture of a storm.
  Collage on fish cutout

Topic: Eco-exploring
  The enviornment we live in
  How weather impacts environment         
  Creatures and their habitats
  Being green
  Earth Day
  Children's Book Day
  Hug a Friend Day
Bible Verses:
  Gensis 1:1
  Matthew 28:6
Color: Purple
Shape: Diamond
Numbers: 14 & 15
Letters: E, I, & U
Bible Songs:
  Jesus shared a special meal
  Going to the tomb
  On this happy Easter day
  God bless the King who comes
Bible Activity:
  Make a collage picture from items
       found on a nature walk
  Color picture: Easter

Topic: In the grass
  Grass grows
  There are many things in and on and under grass
  Grass is used in many ways
  Grass can be food
  May Day
  Mother's Day
  Circus Day
  Memorial Day
Bible Verses:
  Numbers 6:24
  Proverbs 3:5
Color: Blue
Shape: Review - Circle, Square
Numbers: 0 to 3
Letters: Q, L
Bible Songs:
  There once was a man who could not walk
  This is the way we pray together
  The bells in the church
  Did you ever see a shepherd
Bible Activity:
  Paint a picture of a rainbow
  Draw a picture of a promise from God      

Topic: Splish and Splash
  Making Splashes
  Places to splash
  Water moves in many ways              
  Animals that splash
  Flag Day
  Father's Day
  First day of summer
Bible Verses:
  Matthew 22:39
  Matthew 5:14
Color: Black
Shape: Oval, Star
Numbers: 4 to 7
Letters: Review Alphabet
Bible Songs:
  God Planned for water
  God Planned for fish
  God made all the world
  A special book
Bible Activity:
  Paint a picture of lions
  Picture collage of sea animals

The following documents are available to download. The first three must be completed and submitted to the SUMC Child Care & Preschool Center for all children enrolled. The Infant Feeding Schedule is also required for infants.

Child's Application for Child Care (To be completed and placed on file prior to enrollment)

If you cannot open the documents, you may not have Adobe Reader on your computer.  
here to receive the free download.

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SUMC Child Care and Preschool Center
Becky Dorris, Director
Vicki Babner, Assistant Director