SUMC Child Care & Preschool Center

Swansboro's first preschool was started in 1980 at Swansboro United Methodist Church.
Click here to read the September 2009 Tideland News article about the 25th anniversary of the current school.

Our Child Care Center concentrates of various letters, numbers, Bible stories, etc. each month. Here's what's coming up.

Topic: Let's Pretend
  I can use sound to create and imitate.                          
  I can use my body.
  What I think and know.
  I can use stories.
  Watermelon Day
  Friendship Day
  S'mores Day
  Play in the Sand Day
 Bible Verses:
  1 John 4:16
  Exodus 15:13
Color: Colors
Shape: Triangle, Diamond
Numbers: 12 to 15
Letters: Review Alphabet
 Bible Songs:
  Look in the Mirror
  Paul and Timothy
  The Children Sang
Bible Activity:
  If God could talk to me what would He tell me?
  Draw a picture of me and Jesus doing something together.

Sep - Dec 2014
Jan - Mar 2015

Apr - Jul 2015

Aug 2015
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The following documents are available to download. The first three must be completed and submitted to the SUMC Child Care & Preschool Center for all children enrolled. The Infant Feeding Schedule is also required for infants.

Child's Application for Child Care (To be completed and placed on file prior to enrollment)

If you cannot open the documents, you may not have Adobe Reader on your computer.  
here to receive the free download.

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SUMC Child Care and Preschool Center
Becky Dorris, Director
Vicki Babner, Assistant Director